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I am an avid bodybuilder and I had heard that HGH products can help you improve lean body mass while decreasing fat. I decided to sign up for the Sytropin Free Trial and after my first month was up I decided to continue using the product. After 4 months I had gotten bigger than I had ever thought possible and the only thing I can account for this is using Sytropin!

Is Sytropin A Scam? Simply Put, NO!

Sytropin HGH Spray is a natural supplement made from amino acids and other growth factors that works synergistically together to raise human growth hormone levels in the body. Now, some people ask if Sytopin HGH is a Scam. Of course, it is not. We have all the seen pictures of giants in Guinness Book of World Records. They have grown to 7 feet, or even taller. The cause of this extraordinary growth is a tumor of the pituitary gland, which results in a medical condition known as, "Pituitary Gigantism". This condition causes the child to grow beyond normal height for their age and is a direct result of too much human growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. This is scientific evidence that HGH levels can play a role in the body and its development.

The other side of the coin is Deficiencies in HGH levels.

Deficient levels of growth hormone can have different effects at different ages. In adults, GUD will result in a deficiency of lean body mass and weight gain, loss of bone density, and other physical or psychological symptoms. These include social withdrawal, depression and poor memory as well as a loss of strength and stamina. Other disorders will also coincide because of the diminished levels of growth hormones. Growth hormone replacement therapy becomes necessary when levels in the adult are insufficient. However, there are natural ways to raise the bodies growth hormone levels with products like Sytropin HGH Spray. While these types of treatment are not FDA-approved, many studies show success nonetheless. They also show this to be a safe and effective means to raise HGH levels in the body. Homeopathic HGH along with other growth factors and amino acids work together to stimulate the pituitary gland and the release of the body's natural HGH.

The following are medically recognized symptoms of adult-onset GHD, or HG deficiency.

  1. Increased levels of 5-alpha-reductase
  2. Marked reduction in sex hormone-to-globulin
  3. Loss of muscle mass and strength
  4. Thinning hair or baldness in men
  5. Loss of bone mass and the onset of osteoporosis
  6. Reduced energy levels
  7. The loss of memory and Impaired concentration levels
  8. Increased body fat, particularly around the waistline
  9. Raised LDL cholesterol
  10. Diabetes and insulin resistance
  11. Cardiac dysfunction

Growth hormones function to maintain muscle and bone mass in adults. However, as we age the production of human growth hormones decrease. This can equal weight gain and a whole host of other underlying medical problems as we read above. Using products such as Sytropin HGH Spray can be a safe and natural way to raise human growth hormone levels in the body.

So what makes Sytropin's Ingredients so effective?

The New England Journal of Medicine stated in a recent study that most people experienced a decrease in body fat and increase in lean muscle mass when their HGH levels increased. Using strict manufacturing techniques and quality control methods Sytropin combines high quality natural compounds to bring you the most effective HGH supplement on the market without a prescription. They also use the finest ALPHA GPC with the following amino acids to increase human growth hormone production:

  • L-ARGININE: To stimulate muscle growth
  • L-DOPA: To aid the burning of fat
  • L-GLUTAMINE: To boost the immune system
  • L-ISOLEUCINE: For tissue repair
  • L-TYROSINE: For mood support and decreasing appetite
  • L-VALINE: For muscle building, weight loss
  • L-LYSINE: For proper maintenance of blood vessels
  • MOOMIYO: Anti-inflammatory, anti-pain
  • GABA: to aid the functioning of the central nervous system
  • GLYCINE: To increases neurotransmission, nerve response

So, What Makes The Claims of a Sytropin Scam False?

"Is Sytropin A Scam?" is a question that has been asked many times by people who are not yet familiar with the product. Sytropin users who have been taking the product for a longer period of time will be quick to answer this famed question "Is Sytropin a scam?" with a resounding "No!". Users who have been taking this spray will vouch that they notice very positive effects over a few months time period with NO negative side effects! While other HGH products may not produce any positive effects or little results this HGH spray proves to stand above the rest with some users finding they experience positive effects as soon as two or three weeks after they begin using the spray. They will find they possess more energy, feel like exercising more, they feel more upbeat and may have even lost a few pounds. After more time has passed they will notice even more extreme results.

How Will Sytropin Effect Me?

While every person is different, most healthy adults have had no ill side effects from taking this HGH spray. This HGH spray contains natural ingredients that our bodies find to be essential to producing this important hormone we need. As mentioned above after two or three weeks many people noticed slight differences in their lives. After you have taken the HGH spray for a few months you may notice weight loss, better muscle tone, a decrease in wrinkles, tighter skin all around, your hair coming in shinier and thicker, no more insomnia and a better libido! Many people who use this HGH spray say their partners are astounded at the difference it makes in their love lives! You may feel and begin to look as much as ten years younger!

Do I Need To See a Doctor To Take Sytropin?

You do not need to see a doctor to take Sytropin HGH spray. While it is always important to consult with your doctor if you have any questions especially in regards to any current medications you are on, it is not necessary in order to take the Sytropin. You can easily take the spray two times a day in the comfort of your own home. Now is the time to answer that nagging question for yourself "Is Sytropin a scam?" for yourself and see how real it is actually is!

What compares to Sytropin?

One comparable product is GenF20. This is also a good human growth hormone replacement therapy. Both are quality products using natural ingredients. The difference between the two is GenF20 is in pill form whereas Sytropin is a spray. Pills are normally hard to digest. Sometimes the ingredients are not fully absorbed in the intestinal track because of this. While there is a benefit realized from taking the pill form, the sublingual spray is more effective and works quicker. Both seem to do their job adequately, though.

There are other equally comparable forms of human growth hormone replacement such as HGH Energizer. When comparing apples to apples, Sytropin offers the best value for the money because it is in spray form, which uses less to get the same result as the pill. In addition, the results are quicker and more obvious with no side effects. This makes Sytropin the logical choice.

Sytropin is not an anabolic steroid. That much has to be clear. This makes it perfect for athletes and bodybuilders looking to increase muscle mass without using harmful and dangerous drugs. If you feel you are losing your edge then you should try hormone replacement therapy. It can be a safe and effective choice. One major athlete reports and 8% increase in lean muscle mass while reducing his body fat by 16%. That is a two one ratio over 30 days without changing his training program. For those of you that still skeptical there are free trials available but you can also order the full product. This way there is no lapse in time between the free trial and getting your next bottle. The producers of Sytropin are so confident you will see results they give a rock-solid money back guarantee with every order.

What do the studies say?

The studies do not lie. There is robust evidence supporting the effects of growth hormone replacement including a gradual balancing of lean body mass with a reduction of body fat in the older adult. In addition, a number of studies have demonstrated psychological benefits and a feeling of well-being. Ninety percent of primary care physicians say they would refer their patients with GHT to a specialist or endocrinologist once they have diagnosed them to be deficient. This is according to a well-known book written by Wiren L, Bengtsson BA., and title: Beneficial effects of long-term GH replacement therapy on quality of life in adults with GH deficiency. 1998.

If you feel run down, tired, sluggish and are over weight then perhaps you should look into growth hormone replacement and the many benefits of using Sytropin HGH Spray today. You will be so glad that you did.

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