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I am an avid bodybuilder and I had heard that HGH products can help you improve lean body mass while decreasing fat. I decided to sign up for the Sytropin Free Trial and after my first month was up I decided to continue using the product. After 4 months I had gotten bigger than I had ever thought possible and the only thing I can account for this is using Sytropin!

Sytropin Reviews and Clinical Trials Corroborate its Safety and Efficacy

A bewildering number of human growth hormone (HGH) supplement products now occupy the market, catering to the significant interest among consumers seeking to safely boost and enhance their natural levels of this important hormone. HGH, the so-called fountain of youth hormone, is responsible for keeping body weight in the appropriate range, as well as maintaining lean muscle mass, decreasing fatty tissue mass, and boosting the health of the skin, immune, and nervous systems. Moreover, HGH controls many aspects of basic human biology, centering on the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids (fats), proteins, and minerals, the building blocks of all cells and tissues. Declines in levels of HGH are believed to play an important role in aging, as evidenced by the fact that many of the deleterious physiologic changes that occur over time as a person gets older can be reversed with HGH treatment.

Initial clinical trials in which synthetic HGH protein was injected directly into the bloodstream showed incredible promise, with subjects in clinical trials showing dramatic weight loss, reduction in body fat percentage, and increase in exercise ability, together with a host of benefits, less easily measured yet equally significant, for the immune, nervous, and skin systems. Despite all of these dramatic benefits, synthetic HGH protein hormone is available by prescription only, and tremendously expensive. In addition to requiring needles for injection, the levels achieved in the blood can fluctuate, requiring blood tests for monitoring. These disadvantages have limited its adoption.

Sytropin HGH was created by leading teams of clinical physicians specializing in aging and endocrinology, in collaboration with pharmacologists and biochemists, after years of painstaking research. Consisting of an all-natural blend of amino acids and precursor compounds, it circumvents nearly all of the disadvantages of prescription HGH formulations, which retaining their benefits. Sytropin HGH is an oral spray, designed to be used twice daily under the tongue. Because of its composition and formulation, it does not require injections, and nor does it require blood testing for continuous monitoring. The safety of its individual ingredients, the steady levels of HGH in the blood which are achieved, and the mildness of its side effects have allowed Sytropin HGH to be marketed over the counter.

Sytropin Reviews and Clinical Trials agree on its potency

In clinical trials, male and female adult volunteers from the ages of thirty to fifty were treated with either Sytropin HGH or placebo in a blinded fashion for six to eight weeks, and their physiologic parameters measured. Over ninety percent showed statically significant weight loss, which varied from ten to twenty five percent of initial body weight. These same individuals had corresponding decreases in body fat percentages which ranged from eight to twelve percent, while lean muscle mass remained unchanged (as measured by CT scanning). This highlights the unique effect of Sytropin HGH in causing a reduction in body fat mass and percentage, while sparing lean muscle mass. These results have been borne out by after market Sytropin reviews and reports, which suggest continued efficacy beyond eight weeks of treatment with this supplement, and dose-dependent weight loss and loss of body fat.

Sytropin Reviews and Clinical Trials demonstrate safety

The same clinical trials which studied the efficacy of Sytropin also reviewed its safety and side effect profile. Volunteer subjects treated with Sytropin had similar numbers of side effects as that of placebo, demonstrating that it is extremely safe. Indeed, the most common side effects of Sytropin, which were nonetheless reported by less than two percent of all study subjects, consisted of transient headaches or muscle aches, which gradually disappeared over the course of a few days. This outstanding safety record has been verified in Sytropin reviews by users, who report that it is extremely well tolerated.

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